Biden And Kamala Take Advantage Of Trump’s Guilty Verdict

The White House, and United States Senate, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – While Republicans were coming to former President Donald Trump’s defense following Thursday’s guilty verdict, the Biden-Harris campaign was digging in its heels, telling supporters that Trump’s conviction wasn’t enough to ensure he didn’t make it back to the White House.

In a text message, “Biden HQ” told supporters that despite the 12-person jury’s guilty verdict, there was “only one way” to guarantee Trump didn’t return to the Oval Office, and that was through the “ballot box.”

The Biden-Harris campaign suggested that even as a “Convicted felon,” Trump would become the Republican’s Presidential nomination and that the former President’s supporters would be “fired up” by the verdict and could set “fundraising records” as a result.

The campaign added that Trump would use these fundraising dollars to get back to the White House and “carry out his threats of revenge and retribution” against those who have become his political opponents. The text message concluded that “while the MAGA Right” came to Trump’s aid, Biden “and those who care about democracy” needed recipients to make their “first donation” to Biden’s reelection campaign.

The text message included a call-to-action for recipients to donate $20 or “whatever” they could afford.

Trump also updated his campaign website, “WinRed” on Thursday following the verdict, sharing his opinion that he was a “political prisoner” and had been “convicted in a RIGGED political Witch Hunt trial.”

The former President reiterated his claims of innocence, stating that he “DID NOTHING WRONG!” and had been subject to an unfair raid, arrest, having his mugshot taken, and now a wrongful conviction.

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