Biden Changes His Southern Border Game Plan

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

( – The Biden administration announced on Wednesday a new measure that would allow nearly half a million Venezuelans who are currently in the United States to get work permits. Many Democrats and immigrant advocates have been pushing the federal government to take action that would enable migrants and asylum seekers to get access to work permits faster.

In an attempt to ease the pressure on the shelter systems across the country, the administration announced that all the Venezuelans who had entered the country prior to July 31 would be allowed to temporarily live and work in the U.S. Many Democratic-controlled cities have pushed for migrants to be able to get work permits, as the surge in migration has put increased pressure on the shelter system. Migrants who were previously not allowed to work were reliant on the shelter system as they were unable to sustain themselves and find housing.

The Biden administration has also announced that they would deploy 800 troops to the southern border who would help the Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) by taking over many of the administrative tasks in order to free up CBP officers and agents who could help process migrants who illegally entered the country.

CBP has recently had to close railway crossings and international bridges and has redirected many of their agents to assist Border Patrol in bringing migrants into custody. On Wednesday they further announced that they were removing their staff from Eagle Pass, stating that as a response to the surge in encounters, they would use their available resources to help process the migrants.

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