Biden Enrages Liberals Over Israel-Palestine Conflict

Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday President Biden condemned the attacks launched by Hamas against Israel calling them “abhorrent.” The terrorist attacks have led to hundreds of people being wounded or killed, with the death toll continuing to climb. The United States government has expressed its full support for Israel and its people.

The President has also confirmed that there are Americans who have been taken as hostages by Hamas. According to the reports thus far, as many as 20 Americans continue to be unaccounted for.

The President and his top national security adviser have expressed support for Israel’s choice to respond with force following the attacks. They also pushed Congress to approve additional support for Israel. During his remarks from the State Dining Room Biden stated that at this time they needed to be crystal clear in their support of Israel. He added that they needed to ensure that the country would be able to defend itself and its citizens while also responding to the terrorist attacks. He added that there were no excuses or justifications for terrorism.

Biden also spoke about the violent images that have emerged following the attack and referenced the parents who were killed while attempting to keep their children safe. He added that there were babies killed, people who were murdered while at a music festival, and women who had been raped. He added that the brutality exhibited by Hamas was comparable to ISIS’s worst rampages. As he pointed out this was terrorism and that this was not something that was new for the Jewish people.

The Israelis are not the only ones to have had casualties as a result of the violence as hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza lost their lives following the recent strikes by Israel.

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