Biden Puts America In Grave Danger

Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told FOX News’ “The Story” that President Joe Biden was the “last person” that people should listen to when it comes to Ukraine. He added that the President’s timid attitude has resulted in a situation where the United States is closer to experiencing another 9/11 terror attack than it ever has before. 

Graham stated that while he agreed with Biden that it was important for the United States to continue supporting Ukraine, he disagreed with the strategy being followed. As he argued if the United States gave up on assisting Ukraine then there would be a wider war that they faced. He added that the last person that he wanted to be lectured on about Ukraine was Joe Biden. 

Graham pointed out that if President Biden had provided Ukraine with access to the weapons they had needed from the start then they would have performed much better than they had done now. However, Biden had been slow to provide them with long-range artillery, F-16s, and tanks. He added that because Biden was scared that he might be perceived as provocative he had not stood up to Putin before the invasion. 

Joe Biden has continued to push for support for Ukraine, giving the Ukrainian government billions in U.S. taxpayer funds. Still, many have pointed out that while he is supporting Ukraine he has completely ignored the domestic threats that are brought on by the lack of security at the southern border.

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