Biden Tricks Hawaii Wildfire Victims

Photo by Braden Jarvis on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday many users on social media criticized President Biden over his attempts to connect to the victims of the wildfires in Hawaii or Hurricane Idalia in Florida, by talking about the small house fire in his Delaware home. Biden had claimed that following the fire that had damaged their home, he and Dr. Jill Biden were forced to be out of their house for seven months because of the damage.

Users were quick to point out that the President was trying to make the situation about himself when the house fire had not caused much damage to his home. As many users fact-checked the fire, first respondents had stated that the fire in Biden’s house did not move beyond the kitchen, which could not compare to the damage caused by the historic wildfires in Maui which resulted in the death of more than 100 people.

This is not the first time that Biden has compared his home fire to the wildfire. However, in his latest speech, he attempted to relate to the two natural disasters by referring to the time that his home had been struck by lightning which had caused the small fire. While on the podium he claimed that his family had been instructed to stay out of the house for seven months until all the repairs could be completed. He then alleged that almost half of his home had collapsed.

Matt Whitlock, GOP comms person, in his post on X, pointed out that Biden had once “again” compared the small house fire in his house which almost caused him to lose his car to wildfire that had killed hundreds of people.

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