Blue State Caught Unloading Migrants On Who?

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adam is preparing to transport hundreds of illegal immigrants to hotels in Orange and Rockland Counties, New York. The buses started on Thursday and they are transporting asylum seekers outside of the sanctuary city to other areas that have expressed opposition to Adams’ plan.

County officials in both Orange and Rockland Counties have criticized Adams for his plan to move more than 300 migrants to the Armoni Inn & Suites hotel in Orangeburg in Rockland and The Crossroads Hotel in Newburgh in Orange. The first migrants already arrived at the Crossroads Hotel on Thursday.

Many supporters were spotted outside the hotel with signs welcoming the migrants. Orange County Legislator Kevindaryán Luján stated that right outside the hotel were more than 2 dozen who had arrived with the first bus, and around 60 were expected to arrive on Thursday. All the asylum seekers transported to the area were males.

Orange County’s neighbor, Rockland County, successfully got a temporary restraining order from a state Supreme Court judge on Tuesday after claiming that this move would be violating local zoning regulations.

A spokesperson told Fox News Digital earlier this week that there were over 61,000 migrants who were in New York City needing resources, shelter, and care. They added that for the most part, this has been something that they were able to provide them. They proceeded to state that it was necessary for the federal government to take more action. 

In order for the bus to reach Rockland County it has to move over to Westchester County, which in 2018 passed legislation that blocked the usage of any resources to assist in federal investigations.

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