Bowman Faces Justice For Breaking The Law

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

( – Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., is facing charges for falsely pulling a fire alarm in the House of Representatives last month during a time of an important vote that would help the government avoid shutting down.

Following his charges on Wednesday afternoon, Bowman is now scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday morning. Joseph McAtee, the U.S. Capitol Police Supervisory Special Agent, filed the arrest warrant against Bowman following the Representative’s false pull of the fire alarm on Sept. 30.

Bowman had previously told Capitol Police agents that he had known about the fire alarm and that as he was in a rush for the votes and the door was closed he had pulled the alarm hoping it would open the door. The Representative had also revealed that he had seen the sign on the door that instructed them to only use the door in the case of an emergency, but that he had pushed open the door and pulled the lever that he now assumes was the fire alarm.

Bowman also said that normally those doors were open during the votes and that this was the door that he used normally. In the warrant, it was stated that the defendant had also stated that after pushing the door open he headed to a meeting with other Democrats and to the vote at the Capitol. He was then contacted by the House Sergeant at Arms.

Bowman allegedly told the agent that it had not been his intention to disrupt the proceedings and that he did not intentionally pull the fire alarm. He then added that a lawyer would need to be present before he made any additional statements.

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