Breaking: FAA Investigating Ground Collision At U.S. Airport

Photo by Ivan Shimko on Unsplash

( – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has stated that they intend to investigate an incident that occurred on Sunday evening when one aircraft taxiing for takeoff had clipped a different airplane.

According to the FAA’s emailed statement, there were no injuries reported. As the email noted, the left wing of Japanese airline’s All Nippon Airways Flight 11 had ended up hitting the rear of Delta Air Lines plane flight 2122. The incident occurred at half past six in an area that is not monitored by air traffic control at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

The Japanese airline’s aircraft was a Boeing 777, while the Delta plane was a Boeing 717.

Over the weekend flights in Chicago were halted due to the winter storm. The blizzard and snow conditions had caused flights at the airport to be delayed by an average of two hours. The collision between the two aircraft is the latest incident to be investigated related to airplanes.

The FAA is also looking into an incident that occurred on an Alaska Airlines Boeing plane where a panel had blown off in the middle of the flight. As a result of that incident over 100 Boeing planes had to be grounded. Following a review both Alaska Airlines and United stated that they had found loose parts in the Boeing 737 Max aircraft door panels in several of their panels.

Earlier this month the police and transportation officials also opened an investigation after the collision of two planes had caused five people to die in Japan.

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