Cell Phones Officially Banned From Classrooms

Photo by Malte Helmhold on Unsplash

(FixThisNation.com) – A new bill in Kentucky introduced by Republican State Rep. Josh Bray could potentially completely ban cell phone use in classrooms across the state. The bill includes exceptions for emergencies and for the devices being used for instructional purposes. 

On Sunday during an appearance on “FOX & Friends Weekend,” Bray argued that there was no way for teachers to be educated when they were being distracted. He added that these would be part of a “common sense” approach to addressing the problematic texting and social media usage during school hours. However, as he noted he decided to take action after he had heard from teachers who were discussing how these distractions made their jobs even more challenging. 

Bray pointed out that he had been at a middle school basketball game when a teacher had first approached him to discuss how cell phones were affecting classrooms and possible ways to ban them from classrooms. As he pointed out the teachers had informed him that cell phones were a big distraction and that the situation had only worsened after COVID-19. He added that following the pandemic there had been big increases in mental health issues and suicides. He further pointed out that test scores were not where they wanted them to be which is why they believed this was common sense. 

Bray also noted that there were certain districts in the state that were going even further with the ban. 

The proposed measure is similar to last year’s Florida bill that would help curtail cell phone usage within classrooms in the state. 

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