Christian Man Arrested Over His Religious Beliefs

Photo by Alicia Quan on Unsplash

( – In Reading, Pennsylvania, a man was arrested during a Pride event on Tuesday morning for disorderly conduct. Despite repeated warnings from the police, the man, identified as Damon Atkins, persistently shouted various Bible verses. A video of the incident captured Atkins attempting to recite a verse from Corinthians while law enforcement officers tried to intervene. In the footage, the officers can be heard urging Atkins to show respect for those who were celebrating “their day.”

In response, Atkins argued that even the people in hell were cheering for them, implying that their actions were morally wrong. He claimed that he was entitled to act according to his own beliefs since the event was taking place on public property. The officer in the video attempted to separate Atkins from the crowd, but the man continued to recite Bible verses. Eventually, the officer turned around and placed Atkins under arrest.

Throughout the ordeal, Atkins maintained that he was exercising his rights and emphasized that the Pride event was occurring in a public space. In addition to his vocal outbursts, Atkins was carrying a sign displaying the phrase “God said go and sin no more,” and his shirt bore the religious message “You must be born again.”

This incident highlights the current climate of increased hostility towards LGBTQ+ individuals and communities, often perpetrated by right-wing extremists and amplified through online activism. As a result, many companies have faced boycotts due to their support for LGBTQ+ rights and their creation of product lines specifically tailored for Pride celebrations.

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