Controversial Governor To Attend GOP National Convention

Photo by Chad Stembridge on Unsplash

( – In July, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is going to be in attendance at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee as he raises his national profile and is preparing for a fundraising tour. 

Kemp is not going to be delivering a speech during the convention; however, he is working on raising his profile as there are speculations that he is considering a 2026 Senate run or a presidential campaign in 2028. The report noted that the governor recently hired former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s ex-deputy campaign manager as he is aiming to start a tour across different states in order to fundraise for his super PAC and other Republican candidates. 

Whit Ayres, a longtime Republican strategist, argued that Kemp was a very skilled politician and is one of the few elected GOP officials to have fought against a Trump-backed primary challenger and still come out on top. Ayres also pointed out that during his time as governor, he has proved that he is very effective and good at his job, which has made him very popular. 

Republican strategist and Kemp’s super PAC adviser Kevin McLaughlin told Politico that Kemp has managed in the last few years to navigate some very tricky waters. He continued by pointing out what Kemp’s polling is and even noted that there was an internal survey by Signal which had found that in his state the governor had a 58 percent favorability. He added that this was a position that many Republicans would envy. 

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