Cop-Hating Democrat Gets Totally Humiliated

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

( – In a recent legal development, Jamaal Bowman, a Democratic Congressman from New York, was directed by a judge to issue an apology to law enforcement officials for triggering a fire alarm in a federal building. This incident took place last month in Washington, D.C.’s Cannon building, while lawmakers were engrossed in voting on a crucial government funding bill.

After pleading guilty to a minor offense for the false alarm, Bowman reached a settlement with the authorities. As part of the deal, he has agreed to pay a fine of $1,000 and pen a formal letter of apology to U.S. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger. In return, all charges against him will be dropped. This resolution follows several weeks after the initial reporting of the incident.

Bowman had previously acknowledged his actions on September 30th, attributing them to a mistake. He clarified that he was in haste to partake in a vote when he encountered a door that wouldn’t open. Assuming that triggering the fire alarm would unlock the door, he inadvertently set it off. He expressed deep regret for the confusion caused but clarified that his intentions were not to impede any legislative process. On the contrary, he was attempting to expedite his arrival to participate in the vote.

Subsequent to the vote, Bowman met with the Sergeant at Arms and Capitol Police to provide an explanation. He hopes the situation will not be blown out of proportion and emphasized his commitment to his legislative duties. In a statement, he expressed gratitude towards the District of Columbia Attorney General’s office for a speedy resolution and was relieved that the U.S. Capitol Police’s legal team concurred that he did not deliberately obstruct House proceedings.

Yet, the episode has not been without political fallout. Some Republican figures argue that the situation merits additional disciplinary action. Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has called for an ethics investigation, describing the incident as “serious” and “an embarrassment.” Furthermore, former President Donald Trump questioned whether Bowman would face prosecution for his actions.

Bowman, however, is focused on putting this episode behind him, stating that such incidents should not distract from the work that needs to be done for the people of New York.

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