Couple Expecting Uber Eats Ends Up In Terrifying Situation

Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

( – A couple filed a lawsuit on Friday in Kings County Supreme Court in Brooklyn against the Boro Hotel in Long Island City, Queens, as well as the corporations that manage and own the hotel. The plaintiffs, identified as John Doe and Jane Doe had previously stayed in the hotel in 2021 and they are alleging that the hotel lacked the necessary security as they were robbed at gunpoint after opening their hotel room door expecting an Uber Eats order.

The Supreme Court is the state’s highest trial court. The robbery occurred on Jan. 2, 2021, according to the lawsuit. The couple heard a knock on the door, and as they thought it was going to be an Uber Eats delivery worker, John Doe got up to open the door. Two assailants proceeded to push through the door and push John Doe to the ground pointing a gun at his head. The other assailant was quick to tie Jane Doe’s legs with a sheet. They then proceeded to steal the wallets, jewelry, car keys, and some shoes that the plaintiffs had before leaving the hotel room.

The robbery caused both of the plaintiffs to suffer from emotional trauma, including flashbacks, nightmares, sweating, heart racing, and physical manifestations of injuries according to the suit.

A Boro Hotel spokesperson in a statement noted that the claim did not have any merit as the hotel had fully cooperated with law enforcement during the 2021 investigation, and pointed out that the circumstances of the robbery were highly suspicious. He added that the safety of their guests is a top priority and that there has never been another such incident in seven years of the hotel operating.

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