Crooked Fani Willis Wins?

Photo by Ben Dutton on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday night, Fani Willis, the embattled District Attorney for Fulton County, emerged victorious from a primary election challenge.

Willis, who leads the comprehensive election interference case against former President Donald Trump, has been under intense scrutiny by Republicans following revelations about her affair with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, which nearly got her removed from the case.

However, despite the criticism, Willis was able to defeat Christian Wise Smith, a Democrat attorney, whom she faced in 2020 in the Democratic primary for District Attorney.

Willis is currently being investigated by Republicans in both Congressional chambers and in two GOP-led commissions in Georgia’s state legislature.

Republican Senators Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) and Chuck Grassley (Iowa) have accused the Democratic District Attorney of allegedly misusing federal funds designated to at-risk youth and gang prevention that instead were used to buy computers and “swag.”

In February, Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio), the Republican House Judiciary Committee Chairperson, subpoenaed Willis regarding the accusations she had misused federal funds. However, Willis denies doing so, stating that the investigations are based on “false reasons.”

On Monday, she went as far as telling MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that Jordan had repeatedly “attacked” her office without a “legitimate purpose,” claiming that those who know the Ohio Republican know his only “purpose” is to “interfere in… criminal investigation[s].” 

She then lambasted Jordan for pursuing her when his jurisdictions had “one of the worst crime rates” and issues with poverty in America.

Willis suggested the issues Jordan faced made him “illegitimate” and stated that she only brought them up to lend credence to her accusation that at the state level, the GOP was following Jordan’s “clown’s lead.”

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