Democrat Bans White People From Party

Photo by Jimmy Woo on Unsplash

( – The “Gutfeld!” show panelists recently discussed Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s controversial holiday party, which was exclusively for elected officials of color. Mayor Wu, Boston’s first Asian-American mayor, faced criticism for hosting this event that notably excluded white lawmakers.

Mayor Wu, aged 38, shared an Instagram photo featuring 17 attendees gathered around a dinner table at this exclusive event, held last Wednesday. In her post, she expressed pride in hosting the annual holiday dinner, highlighting the diverse representation of Boston’s leadership across various government levels.

The controversy began earlier in the week when a staff member of Mayor Wu accidentally invited the entire city council, including white members, to the event at the Parkman House near the Massachusetts Statehouse. Realizing the mistake, the aide promptly sent a follow-up email apologizing for the mix-up. The 13-member city council comprises six minority and seven white members, with the latter reportedly not being invited to the party.

While Mayor Wu and her aide apologized for the mistaken invitation, they did not apologize for organizing an event that excluded white city leaders. This move was criticized by some, including Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld, who accused Wu of blatant racism. A white member of the city council described the exclusion as “unfortunate and divisive,” as reported by the Boston Herald.

In contrast, Black City Councilor Brian Worrell defended the event, viewing it as a representation of various special groups within Boston’s government.

Mayor Wu, on her part, celebrated the event as a mark of diversity, noting the significant increase in minority lawmakers since her election to the city council in 2014. She highlighted the event as a space for mentorship and fellowship among those breaking barriers in government roles.

Ricardo Patrón, Wu’s press secretary, clarified that no city funds were used for the party. The event and Mayor Wu’s actions garnered mixed reactions online, with some expressing strong disapproval of the perceived exclusionary nature of the event.

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