Democrat City Cracks Under Migrant Pressure

Photo by Chris Dickens on Unsplash

( – Politico in a recent report noted that as Chicago was preparing for next year’s Democratic National Convention, they were also tasked with handling the surge in immigration caused by the border states busing migrants to “sanctuary cities” This transportation of migrants has led to the city experiencing a major crisis.

Every week there are as many as 60 busloads of migrants that arrive in Chicago. The Politico report notes that as a result of this, the topic of the migrants who arrive in the city by bus has now been brought up in convention planning meetings. The Chicago mayor’s office is currently attempting to identify places for tents to be built to accommodate the incoming migrants. The goal is for the new accommodation spaces to be set up before winter starts.

The surge of migrants has also led to some being concerned about the convention’s security planning. Democratic Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker stated that he was “confident” that local officials would be able to handle migration if they received sufficient federal support.
As he said they were going to “manage it” so long as the state and city collaborated. He added that the federal government also needed to be part of the efforts.

In a recent interview with CBS Pritzker stated that someone needed to work with the border politicians in Texas in order to stop them from busing people to only blue sanctuary cities.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s office is also attempting to find a solution to the migration issue so that it does not interfere with the convention.

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