Democrat Crime So Bad Taco Stand Owner Has To Spend How Much?

Photo by Jay Eshie on Unsplash

( – The increasing crime rates in many Democratic-run cities has resulted in many business owners needing to find new security solutions to keep their stores safe. According to one restaurateur in the District of Columbia the current situation has resulted in him needing to spend over half a million dollars each year on security.

Surfside Taco Stand owner Bo Blair, who has a number of establishments around the U.S. capital, recently revealed that in the District of Columbia he is spending around $4,000 each week on private security in order to handle the increase in muggings, carjackings and other violent crimes.

On Thursday, he told correspondent Griff Jenkins that the current situation was unsustainable and stated that he was hopeful that the situation with crime will improve which will allow him to stop spending much on security. He added that for this year alone he has spent upwards of $450,000 on security.

Jenkins reported that Blair owns eleven restaurants in the city, and that currently due to inflation it was not easy to pass the security costs off to customers. The restaurant owner has also stated that he is trying his hardest to not pass that cost off. However, as he noted in some cases Blair is spending more on security than he is paying on rent.

The last time the District of Columbia had a Republican mayor was before its current government was organized in 1975 under Home Rule.

In the past year Washington has seen its carjacking rates more than double, and 250 homicides had also been reported in the district.

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