Democrat Mayor Wants Crime To Run Rampant

[ University News Service], CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Boston Mayor Michelle Wu is advocating for even more progressive initiatives arguing that certain criminal acts, including theft, should not be prosecuted and that the gang registry needed to be abolished. 

The Progressive Massachusetts, a 501c4 nonprofit organization, had Wu fill out the “2021 Boston Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire” prior to being elected into office. The organization uses the questionnaire to track how progressive each candidate is. On their website, the group argues that they’re aiming to transform Massachusetts into a “laboratory for progressive state initiatives.”

At the time in the document, Wu had expressed some of her commitments, which included having noncitizens be eligible to vote in local elections in Boston. In the question relating to whether she supported the abolition of the gang database, Wu stated she did. 

Wu had also been asked if she supports a do-not-prosecute list that had been enacted by Rachael Rollins, the former district attorney of Suffolk County. In this list, Rollins had identified over a dozen charges that needed to be declined for prosecution, including property theft, disorderly conduct, shoplifting, larceny, property damage, marijuana possession, possession of alcohol by a minor, and possession of non-marijuana drugs with the intent to distribute it among other charges. 

Wu responded that she does support this list of “do-not-prosecute” crimes. She also provides that she would be pushing for some of the budgets of the police to be used for other priorities in the city. She added that she believed there needed to be a demilitarization of law enforcement. 

Wu argued for example that the police should not be given the right to use attack dogs, rubber bullets, or tear gas. 

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