Democrat State Changes Tune Towards Migrants

Photo by Venti Views on Unsplash

( – Scott Galvin, mayor of Woburn, Massachusetts has claimed that the current situation regarding sheltering migrants in the state was unsustainable and that the state did not have an “endless capacity”. Many towns in Massachusetts are facing problems as they try to find enough space and resources to shelter the growing number of migrants who are hoping to get shelter in the state.

On Sunday The Times reported that Woburn along with many other towns across the state have been struggling to cover all of the demand created by the influx of migrants who have entered the state that has a “right-to-shelter law” in place. The article pointed out that it has barely been two weeks since the migrant crisis arrived in Woburn and that the volunteers who had met at the Woburn Church were already “battle weary.”

As it pointed out local volunteers had been the ones to step up and help the close to 80 families that the state gave shelter to in a Woburn hotel. However, the volunteers were quickly met with the reality of what it takes to meet the group’s daily needs.

The Times notes that the unique “right-to-shelter law” that is in place in Massachusetts has exacerbated the problem as the law ensures that all those who arrive in the city are guaranteed to receive shelter. Galvin told The Times that the situation unfolding right now was unsustainable and that state legislators should consider making changes to the law that has been in place for four decades. He added that the law had been created for a completely different situation and was not meant to cover the migration crisis that is currently unfolding.

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