Democrat Unveil Plan To Take Guns From Americans

Photo by Antonio Grosz on Unsplash

( – Twenty-four House Democrats led by Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va., have introduced new legislation that would add a 1,000% excise tax on high-capacity magazines and “assault weapons.” If the legislation goes through then the price of a $500 weapon would increase to $5,000 making access to firearms across the country much tougher.

This is the second time that the Democrats have introduced this idea. Previously Beyer along with 37 other Democrats had introduced a similar proposal, but that had not managed to move forward despite the fact that the Democrats were in control of the House.

The bill from 2022 imposed this large tax percentage on any magazine and device that is able to carry over 10 rounds of ammunition. It is not yet clear what differences the new bill has when compared to this older 2022 version.

Last year’s weapon had also called for the 1,000% tax to affect “semiautomatic assault weapons,” that had 10 or more rounds as well as several other features. According to Beyer the higher price for these weapons would also help curb gun violence. As he argued it was up to Congress to stop these weapons from being allowed to enter so many American communities.

At the time he had also pointed out that gun violence had affected many communities, pointing at the Buffalo, Tulsa, and Uvalde shootings. He also added that these weapons which were meant to be used on the battlefield have now been used in schools, churches, synagogues, parks, bars, grocery stores, and several other locations.

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