Democrats Call Black Supreme Court Justice A What?

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

( – Last week during an interview, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison (D) drew a comparison between Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and the film’s “Django Unchained” house slave character.

While talking with the Michigan Chronicle, Ellison claimed that Supreme Court Justices should have term limits and pushed for Congress to implement ethical rules that the court will need to follow. He further spoke about the recent controversies surrounding many of the conservative justices, including Thomas that relate to their previous acceptance of travel and gifts from millionaire GOP big donors.

In the interview, Ellison argued that it would perhaps be possible for ethical standards to be passed which would stop the justices from being allowed to so easily be bought off. Andre Ash, the journalist conducting the interview, also asked Ellison whether he believed that Thomas should be completely removed from his current position.

This is when Ellison made the comparison between Thomas and the house slave character, adding that Thomas has clearly determined that it would be in his best personal interest if he completely takes the side of the powerful without considering who might get hurt in the process.  He added that Thomas has completely abdicated all responsibility and that he has been this way since he was first confirmed as a Supreme Court justice.

A ProPublica report released earlier this year reported how Thomas had received multiple luxury vacations and trips by Harlan Crow, a Republican mega donor. Crow is also covering the private school tuition of the great nephew of Thomas and even bought a number of real estate properties from Thomas and his family members.

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