Democrats Double Down On Punishment Of Supreme Court Justice

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

( – Democrats part of the House Judiciary Committee have requested Chief Justice John Roberts to relay how the Supreme Court plans to enforce its code of conduct, suggesting that he violated that code when he raised flags at his two homes in a way that connected him to “Stop the Steal.”

The Democrats accused Alito of violating a provision that prevents Justices from endorsing any candidate and requires they recuse themselves if there are reasonable questions about their impartiality. 

Last year, amid a scandal surrounding Justice Clarence Thomas’s acceptance of gifts, vacations, and school tuition from the relative of a large conservative donor, the Supreme Court adopted a code of conduct. 

In a letter to SCOTUS, Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler (New York), alongside the committee’s Democrats, noted that although the Supreme Court had adopted an ethics code, failing to enforce it reinforced perceptions that Justices “operate without consequences.” 

The letter queried if Roberts would be asking Alito to recuse himself from cases related to former President Donald Trump and if he didn’t have that intention, to explain himself.

The group of Democrats also asked Roberts to detail when he learned that Alito had displayed flags in a way relating to the “Stop the Steal” movement. 

The letter came hours after Alito had rejected calls from the Senate to have him recuse himself in a pending case about former President Donald Trump’s  Presidential immunity for his actions during the January 6, 2021, insurrection.

Alito had displayed an upside-down U.S. flag shortly after the 2020 election. This position had become a distress signal to those protesting Trump’s loss in the election and became associated with the “Stop the Steal” movement, which attempted to prevent the transfer of power based on election fraud claims.

In the letter, Democrats noted that although the upside-down flag could have numerous meanings, it was “difficult to contemplate” a meaning other than the Justice expressing his political support for Trump.

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