Democrats Send Horrible Message To Police Officers

Photo by Max Fleischmann on Unsplash

( – On Thursday the House passed a resolution that would condemn all attempts to either defund or completely abolish the police in a 301-119 vote. The non-binding resolution was opposed by more than half of the House Democrats.

The resolution recognizes the effort and dedication of those serving in law enforcement and their role in keeping communities safe. It further condemns all calls to have the police defunded, dismantled, or completely abolished. The resolution was supported by the Republicans, and all opposing votes came from the Democrats who voted 87-117 against the measure. Three Democrats also voted “present” while only two Republicans did not vote for the measure.

Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, in the debate, dismissed the resolution stating that it was just made up of “empty rhetoric designed to score political points.”

Democrats also opposed the language of the resolution as it is stated that “leftist activists and progressive politicians” have called for the police to be defunded or dismantled and that those groups are harboring and encouraging resentment towards law enforcement officers. Nadler stated that while the resolution is referring to leftist violence it refuses to acknowledge right-wing violence, and there is no reference to how the police had to assist restore order following the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., who is the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, also opposed the bill stating that progressives oppose the fact that currently there is no accountability which is why they do not support law enforcement. She called for the references to progressives to be taken out of the resolution because of this.

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