Democrats Using What As A Migrant Shelter?

Photo by Marco López on Unsplash

( – William Kelly, a Chicago reporter appeared on “Fox & Friends”  on Thursday to discuss Chicago’s recent surge in migrants. Following the usage of O’Hare International Airport to house hundreds of migrants Chicago leaders have been blasted.

Currently, black curtains are being used to hide the 400 migrants that are being housed in the airport. At the beginning of August, there had been only 31 migrants housed in the airport’s private section.

Kelly noted that the airport was being used by the city as one of their 18 migrant shelters and that homeless Americans were not allowed to be in the airport anymore. He further pointed out that the city had recently struggled with the increase in homelessness and the number of homeless people at the airport, but that then-Mayor Lori Lightfoot had cracked down on this situation.

She added that Mayor Johnson, who had originally claimed to be the people’s mayor, is now being proven to be the mayor of migrants. Kelly claimed that he does not believe that the security checks that Americans have to face are also applicable to migrants. As she pointed out following the Pandemic lockdowns the crime rates in the city have continued to climb.

Kelly said that there are millions of dollars that the city is spending to mitigate the migrant crisis but that no one actually knew how that money was being spent. Kelly added that Mayor Johnson has also not answered any of her questions. She added that the situation was “horrifying on every level” and that they had failed completely causing the people of Chicago to suffer.

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