DeSantis Sees Something Horrific

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Tuesday, Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made a campaign stop in San Francisco where he claimed to be upset about what has become of this “once great city.”

DeSantis’s campaign released a one-minute video in which DeSantis claimed that San Francisco’s collapse had been caused by “leftist policies.” He added that during his time in the city, he saw “people defecating on the street,” while others were using crack cocaine or heroin. He alleged that the city has lost its vibrancy and that it has collapsed in the last few years because “of leftist policies” and the effect they have had on the area. The policies have driven people away from the city, and have led to criminals not being prosecuted. DeSantis claimed that all of this was “really sad to see.”

Many retailers and businesses have recently been leaving the San Francisco downtown area. This move has largely been because of the crime and rampant drug usage that has resulted in the city having a record budget deficit.

DeSantis in his remarks claimed that this just shows how important policy and leadership are. He added that they were “doing it wrong here” which is why so many people have left San Francisco and have instead moved to Florida in the last few years.

California’s State Department of Finance reported that between Jan. 1, 2021, and Jan. 1, 2022, California had lost 117,552 people. This has resulted in the population of the state going back down to its 2016 levels.

Florida on the other hand saw a large wave of internal migration in 2022, as 319,000 Americans moved there.

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