DeSantis Swoops In To Defend Haley?

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – During a CNN town hall in New Hampshire, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis echoed sentiments similar to those of his fellow GOP presidential primary contender, Nikki Haley, asserting that America is not inherently a racist nation. This statement came in response to Haley’s earlier remarks on “Fox & Friends,” where she declared that the United States has never been a racist country, amidst discussions about the GOP’s stance on race.

DeSantis, addressing the same topic, acknowledged the historical challenges the United States has faced with racial issues. He referenced the founding principles of the nation, laid out by the Founding Fathers, as universal in nature. While admitting that these principles weren’t always applied universally, DeSantis emphasized their role in driving progress across generations.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer probed DeSantis further on whether he concurred with Haley’s view that the U.S. has never been a racist country. DeSantis nuanced his agreement, pointing out historical instances like the Dred Scott decision of the 1850s, which denied citizenship to African Americans, as a clear example of racial discrimination. He highlighted the ratification of the 14th Amendment as a pivotal moment in addressing such racial injustices.

Despite acknowledging these historical challenges regarding race, DeSantis maintained that the United States remains the best place for individuals from all backgrounds to pursue their dreams.

Meanwhile, Haley’s campaign spokesperson, AnnMarie Graham-Barnes, defended Haley’s comments. She clarified that acknowledging the existence of racism in America’s history is different from labeling the country as inherently racist. Graham-Barnes reiterated Haley’s view that, while racism has been a part of America’s history, it does not define the nation as a whole.

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