Disturbing Stories About Trump Confirmed By John Kelly

Photo by Diego González on Unsplash

(FixThisNation.com) – Former President Donald Trump’s longest-serving chief of staff made a statement criticizing Trump and stating that he was someone who did not have any “idea what America stands for.”

Former Chief of Staff John Kelly, who had served from July 2017 until January 2019 made a statement to CNN affirming an Atlantic article from three years ago which stated that according to four sources, Trump had referred to dead Marines as “suckers” and fallen soldiers as “losers.”

Kelly started off by questioning what he could possibly say that had not already been said when he was asked about making a comment about Trump. He then added that Trump was a person who had referred to those who had fallen in defense of the United States, or who had been wounded in combat or spent years as POW as “suckers” because they did not gain anything from them. A person who thought that appearing next to military amputees was bad for his image and who had shown contempt for Gold Star Families during his 2016 campaign. A person who had not protected minorities, women, unborn life, or religious minorities, was someone who did not understand what America was “all about.”

When the original reports about Trump had been released in September 2020 his White House had immediately slammed them down, claiming that they were unfounded and “false.” However, in his latest statement, Kelly appears to have confirmed the reports about Trump. It is also likely that the former Chief of Staff’s decision to speak out right now would reignite the feud between him and Trump.

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