DOJ Caught Covering Up For Hunter Biden

Photo by Caleb Fisher on Unsplash

( – A government watchdog wants the DOJ probe into Hunter Biden’s “prostitution or debauchery” released.

This week, the Heritage Foundation’s Oversights Project filed a lawsuit in Delaware federal court to compel the Department of Justice to hand over records that could determine whether President Joe Biden’s son should be investigated over a 1910 “prostitution or debauchery” law.

The watchdog petitioned the Wilmington Bench where Hunter Biden was convicted on gun charges earlier in the month, suggesting there is significant evidence warranting an investigation into Biden under the Mann Act.

The law, which stems from a time when prostitution in urban areas was more prevalent, outlines that “knowingly” transporting in “interstate or foreign commerce” a girl or woman “for the purpose of prostitution or debauchery” is a felony.

The petition includes the transcripts of a 2023 interview IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler gave before the House Ways and Means Committee.

Ziegler recalled the DOJ’s effort to assess whether Biden had violated the Mann Act, particularly in reference to his “West Coast assistant” known or believed to have links to the “prostitution world,” and whom the first son “deducted expenses related to her.”

One lawmaker, who isn’t named in the transcript, queries whether the investigation looked into Biden “paying for the travel of an individual… to California or wherever,” prompting Ziegler to reply that this included flying individuals out to “Boston” or wherever Biden was located, noting that Washington, D.C. was one of the locations “he flew someone for the night.”

Ziegler also revealed that he understood the DOJ was “compiling” allegations of potential violations referred to the Department but wasn’t aware of its outcome.

On Thursday, in an interview with Fox News Digital, Kyle Brosnan, an attorney for the Overnight Project, suggested the information about the probe into Biden’s possible Mann Act violations should be made public.

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