Elementary Students Eat Fentanyl Laced Gummies

Photo by Amit Lahav on Unsplash

(FixThisNation.com) – In Virginia, five elementary school students ended up needing medical attention after a child had gummy bears from their home that were laced with fentanyl.

The Amherst County Sheriff’s Office reported that the incident had occurred on Tuesday at Central Elementary School and that a total of seven students had ingested the gummy bears that after being tested were found to have been laced with fentanyl.

According to the sheriff’s office, out of the seven students, two were taken by EMS and three others by their parents to the hospital. The remaining two did not require any medical attention.

In a statement, the Amherst County Public Schools stated that the students affected had “experienced an allergic reaction” and had required emergency services to be immediately notified.

The district, after confirming that the gummy bears had been brought by a student into the school, had confirmed that they would keep working with the Sheriff’s Office as part of their investigation and that the families of the students had been informed about the results of the investigation thus far.

Amherst County Public Schools in their statement added that ensuring students’ safety was their top priority.

The incident occurred after seven students from the same high school had overdosed in October over three weeks. At the time, the sheriff’s office noted in a press release that the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office was investigating the cases relating to opioid overdoses in Park View High School, as there have been seven cases reported over three weeks.

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