Foreigners Crossing Border With Very “Disturbing” Intentions

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

( – Gatestone Institute senior fellow Gordon Chang told “Mornings with Maria” on Monday that many Chinese-state nationals were crossing the U.S. border. The foreign policy expert argued that some of those entering the country were “really disturbing” as they are Chinese males of military age, who are not connected to any family groups. He further argued that they were most likely “saboteurs who are coming in on the first day of war with Asia.”

Last month, before the expiration of Title 42 in mid-May, Customs and Border Protection (CPB) stated that there were over 200,000 encounters with migrants on the U.S.-Mexico border. Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn., last week alleged that more than 10,000 Chinese nationals have been apprehended trying to cross into the country in the 2023 fiscal year, marking a 300 percent increase since last year.

Ahead of the end of Title 42, the number of encounters at the border was some of the highest they have ever been. Title 42 had first been established at the start of the pandemic and it allowed for the quick expulsion of migrants in an effort to curb the rate of transmission of the virus.

Chang pointed out that while some of those entering the country were escaping China’s “pessimism” and economy, there were also those who were coming into the country with more sinister intentions to commit “acts of sabotage, assassinations, detonation of bombs, starting wildfires.” He further argued that the Biden administration did not show any intention of handling this situation.

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