Former ABC President Erupts On Insane Democrat Laws

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

( – Steve McPherson, a former ABC executive, has taken to warn others of California’s squatter laws after he alleges he lost millions in rent and property damage because of a squatter.

Speaking to Los Angeles Magazine, McPherson described California’s laws as “crazy,” relaying that he tells everyone not to rent their homes in California as they “have no rights whatsoever.”

McPherson’s ordeal began during the pandemic when he rented his $12 million Santa Monica home to an Indian businessman and his family while his family relocated to Napa Valley.

But, when the six-month lease concluded, Gaurav Kumar Srivastava wouldn’t leave.

McPherson described his family being “terrorized” by Srivastava after he didn’t pay rent for months and held his home “hostage,” alleging the Indian businessman broke into his wine cellar and “ransacked” the home.

The discovery that his furniture and his vintage wine collection was missing, came when McPherson’s housekeeper returned to the Santa Monica mansion as the six-month lease was about to end. After McPherson rushed back to his property, Srivastava wouldn’t let him into his home, prompting McPherson to call the police.

McPherson, who has filed a civil lawsuit against Srivastava, claimed the Indian businessman lied to the police about the missing wine collection and furniture, adding that the property hasn’t been recovered.

The former ABC executive reports he lost $2 million in unpaid rent and damages.

Although McPherson has filed a criminal complaint with the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office declined to press charges against Srivastava.

The nightmare experience has left McPherson disgruntled with California’s property rights, leaving him to question what it takes “to get prosecuted in Los Angeles?”

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