Grown Man Caught Enrolling Himself In Where?

Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash

( – A man from Nebraska is facing charges of sex trafficking after impersonating a high school student and going to classes.

On Thursday in a statement issued by the Lincoln Police Department, it was noted that Zachary Scheich, 26, had gone to two different local high schools for 54 days. The man was capable of blending in with all of the other high school students.

Police noted that the school district had received an alert about someone who was enrolled in the school and went by the name “Zak Hess.” It was later determined that the man had actually graduated from that district in 2015.

The police investigation also noted that Scheich had interactions with many students and that the content of those interactions included enough information for an arrest warrant to be issued. Police did not provide any more details on what the interactions between Scheich and the students were like.

Jail records showed that the man had previously been charged with sex trafficking a minor and two counts of child enticement using electronic communications. He is now held in jail on a $250,000 bond.

Scheich is not the first adult to have been caught acting like a teenager and enrolling in a local high school. Last month a woman from Louisiana, 28, had been accused of using both a fake birth certificate and passport in order to gain access to the school.

The St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office claimed that the woman had enrolled in the school just because she wanted to learn English and that there was no other criminal or inappropriate motive or conduct in her case. Still, both the woman and her mother are facing charges for injuring public records.

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