Gunman Found With Insane Cache Of Weapons

Photo by Jay Rembert on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, during a news conference North Dakota authorities reported that the shooter that had killed a Fargo Police Department officer and injured two other officers had been using a grenade, 1,800 rounds of ammunition, and other explosives in order to create the fires and the attack.

Mohamad Barakat, 37, had been fatally shot during the incident by Officer Zachary Robinson. The shooting resulted in the death of Officer Jake Wallin, 23, while two other officers, Tyler Hawes, 22, and Andrew Dotas, 28, had been critically injured. A woman at the scene was also shot but the police have not yet identified who shot her.

The police chief noted that they had not yet determined what the motive behind Barakat’s attack had been.

Drew Wrigley, the North Dakota Attorney General, had told reporters that following the attack it was reasonable and justified that Officer Zach Robinson had ended up using deadly force. He added that the attack unleashed by Barakat had been “savage” and that it had been a precise attack. Wrigley also added that in Barakat’s vehicle, they found three rifles, 1,800 rounds of ammunition, gasoline canisters, a vest with loaded magazines, and a homemade grenade.

The state’s attorney general pointed out that the shooting vest that Barakat had used was not bulletproof but that it had magazines loaded in all of the pockets. He also had a suitcase filled with weapons which is how he had transported the weapons from his apartment to his car. Barakat was not reported to have had any protective gear, but because of the amount of ammunition, it was clear that he was planning a large-scale attack on the city.

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