House Republicans Flip On GOP Leaders

Photo by MIKE STOLL on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, House conservatives revolted against the GOP leadership’s effort to push forward a number of bills, causing a confrontation on the House Floor. In part, this blow-up was a result of the recent debt ceiling increase deal that Speaker McCarthy (R-California) and President Biden had arranged only days earlier.

Eleven Republicans in total, many of whom belong to the conservative House Freedom Caucus, voted along with the Democrats against the advancement of four bills that deal with gas stoves and regulatory reform. The opposition to the bills was enough that the legislation was unable to advance to the floor.

House Majority Leader Scalise (Republican-La.) changed his mind and voted against the vote at the last moment, which would enable him to potentially bring back the vote again at a different time.

In a 220-206 vote the rule was blocked and a dramatic scene unfolded on the House floor as Scalise and more than a dozen conservatives worked to flip votes in the back of the chamber in order to get the bill advanced to the floor. The routine rule vote was scheduled to take five minutes, however, the process required more than 50 minutes to be completed.

The opposition to the rule was also widely perceived to be a reality check for the Speaker who has been celebrating the passing of the bipartisan bill that suspended the debt limit. The bill was the result of negotiations between House Republicans and the White House.

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) specifically noted that there was frustration about the way that things were operating. He further pointed out that in January they had taken a stance against “the ear of imperial Speakership.”

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