Hunter Biden Caught “Sniffing” In Shocking Video

Sgt. Charlotte Carulli, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – A new video of Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, “sniffing” a substance while at the White House has gone viral after being shared by many conservative social media users. The video was posted after this past weekend the White House needed to be evacuated following the discovery of an unknown substance in the West Wing.

Following investigations it was determined that the substance found was non-hazardous and that it was cocaine. The video was first shared by Steve Guest, who was Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s former communications adviser, and it depicted the Biden family at the White House during the Fourth of July celebrations. The caption was calling on other users to describe the photo, which prompted other conservative users to share the photo which many suggested depicted Hunter Biden snorting cocaine.

Team USA, a Twitter user questioned whether the younger Biden was “sniffing” a substance in the photo. Rogan O’Handley, another conservative user, argued that there was “nothing to see” as Hunter Biden was allegedly sniffing cocaine in the White House while in front of children.

On Monday, Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesman for the Secret Service, revealed that the cocaine was discovered by White House officials and that the Uniformed Division of the Secret Service had been doing regular checks and patrols of the building. In a previous statement, a source had also revealed that the discovery had occurred in a “work area” of the West Wing.

It has not yet been determined where the cocaine originates from, but that has not stopped social media users from alleging that it might have a connection to Hunter Biden, who in a memoir disclosed that he had previously been addicted to crack and cocaine.


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