Liberal School System Under Attack For Wildly Racist Curriculum

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

( – A California school reportedly taught that white people had “no culture.” The comment sparked outrage among parents who were informed about the alleged statement.

Last week, one student’s mother reported the statement to the San Ramon Valley Unified School District stating that during choir class her daughter was being taught about white privilege and that an “equity teacher” had stated that white people did not have culture.

The website of the school district stated that they were working with an “equity teacher on special assignment,” in order to ensure that the school curriculum and culture did not include any inequitable practices that could block people from achieving academic success.

On September 12, the mother stated that as the parent of one of the children who was being taught about white privilege during choir practice, she found the outside instruction to have been “demeaning” and hurtful to many of the students. She added that the information had been incorrect and that students would be confused and divided because of these teachings.

As she pointed out, the teacher had allegedly not only claimed that white people did not have any culture but also that any culture they did have had been stolen. She also provided students with wrong information that was easily disproved by a quick Google search.

The teacher had apparently claimed that the number one condiment in the country was salsa and the number one dish was chicken tikka masala, both of which were incorrect.

The mom called for the district to launch an investigation into the incident and to “rectify it.”

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