Liberals Rage Over New Texas Ban

Photo by Pete Alexopoulos on Unsplash

( – The Texas Legislature has sent a bill to Gov. Greg Abbot’s (R) desk which would ban diversity, equity, and inclusion programs at state universities. The measure is the second of its kind, resembling the one passed earlier in Florida, and according to its critics could harm state institutions such as the University of Texas and Texas A&M University. Critics have also pointed out that it might cause harm to minority students from state universities and smaller schools.

Under this new law, the governors of each state university would need to certify that there was no diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) office in their school and that diversity was not one of the considered factors when they were hiring someone.

State Rep. Tony Tinderholt (R-Arlington) on Monday stated that this bill was important if they wanted to protect Texas from radicalism. He further added that leftists have been allowed to have an effect on state institutions for too long.

DEI programs are supposed to help protect social and sexual minorities and help them better integrate into American workplaces.

are a means to ease the integration and ensure the fair treatment of social and sexual minorities in American workplaces. Robert Sellers, chief diversity officer of the University of Michigan, pointed out in a statement that diversity meant that “everyone is invited to the party,” while inclusion allowed everyone to “dance/experience the music.”

However, following the racial protests following the 2020 murder of George Floyd, conservative activists have attempted to present DEI as a racist program.

Far-right activist Christopher Rufo earlier this month claimed that “The University of Texas at Austin is wasting untold millions on race and gender narcissism.”

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