Mainstream Media Fact Checks Biden Hard

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

( – In recent weeks President Biden’s embellished version of the story of how his home in Delaware caught on fire has drawn a lot of criticism. Biden had used this story in order to connect with the victims of the Maui wildfires and Hurricane Idalia.

However, news outlets have now come up with a variety of ways to fact-check the questionable retelling of stories by the President. According to the latest iteration of the fire story, President Biden’s home was nearly completely destroyed after a lightning strike hit his home in 2004. He has also claimed that the fire almost led to him losing his cat, wife, and ‘67 Corvette.

However, reports from the time of the fire show that the incident was far smaller in scale and was contained to the home’s kitchen. On Thursday, following this revelation, Glenn Kessler, a Washington Post fact-checker wrote a story about how Biden’s retelling of some stories was not always accurate.

As he pointed out, Biden has a habit of often embellishing his life stories which has led to many questions about how truthful these stories are. He further pointed out that in his recent retelling of the story about the fire in his home, he had “lied to a vulnerable audience.” He added that while there were occasions where Biden’s stories proved to be mostly true, there were many other stories he had told that were mostly fabricated.

Throughout his time in the White House, “Biden has continued a tradition of embellishing his personal tales” making it nearly impossible for the stories to be verified.

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