Major Beer Brand Facing Total Collapse

Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

( – The beer industry has been shocked to see the lasting effects of the Bud Light boycott as the brand is still receiving backlash for its use of the transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney in its infamous campaign. As a result of the calls to boycott Bud Light, other beer brands have experienced an increase in demand according to the publisher of prominent trade publication Beer Business Daily.

Beer Business Daily editor and publisher Harry Schuhmacher in an interview with Fox News Digital stated that the entire industry was shocked by the results, but that other rival brands are not celebrating as they understand that a similar situation could have happened to them. He added that this particular promotion had “really struck a chord” and that even after six-week Bud Light was not performing any better. In fact, their numbers keep worsening and they are down by 25 percent. Their competitors have benefited from an increase at that same level.

Schuhmacher believes that the demand for beers that are not owned by Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, could actually affect the rest of the industry, as Molson Coors, the parent company of both Coors Light and Miller Lite, might not be able to provide enough beer supply for the holiday weekend that unofficially kickstarts summer.

Schuhmacher pointed out that it is not possible to just flip a switch and increase beer production, as beer needs to be brewed. As a result, it is a process that takes at least a few weeks. So far, they have been able to keep up with demand, but as we head into Memorial Day there might be some supply shortages.

Molson Coors has told Fox News Digital that currently there are no concerns about the beer running out of stock ahead of Memorial Day Weekend, because of the inventory building up during the winter period.

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