Major U.S. Bank Targets Christians

Photo by John Price on Unsplash

( – Indigenous Advanced Ministries in Memphis, Tennessee filed a consumer complaint against Bank of America to Jonathan Skrmetti, the Tennessee Attorney General, claiming that they had been “debanked” and that their bank accounts had been closed because of religious discrimination.

The nonprofit ministry has multiple partnerships that they use for their charitable endeavors in assisting orphaned children in Uganda. As they claimed in April, Bank of America had without any explanation claimed that the organization was using their bank account for a business type that was not permitted by the Bank of America’s services and that as such their account would be closed within 30 days.

In May an additional letter had been sent by the Bank informing the organization that their risk profile was not in alliance with the risk tolerance of this bank.

According to reports the ministry has had two accounts in the bank since 2015. One of their accounts is associated with the ministry, while the other is connected to a Memphis-based church and is used for providing support to the initiatives of the ministry both nationally and overseas.

This year the organization opened a third account which was used for facilitating the operations of the Indigenous Advance Customer Center, which is the for-profit counterpart of the ministry.

Bank of America spokesman Bill Halldin in a statement to Fox News Digital stated that the accounts had been closed because of their “internal debt collection policy”  which is not supported by the bank. He added that the bank provided its services to non-profit organizations that had a diverse range of beliefs.

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