Man Walks Again After Skydiving Accident

Photo by Kamil Pietrzak on Unsplash

( – Ian Azeredo was confident when he exited the plane for a free fall plummeting toward the ground from 13,500 feet. His parachute normally opened up at 3,500 feet and as this was his third skydive of the day over Sussex Airport in New Jersey he did not think anything would go wrong.

The day was July 4, 2019, and Azeredo had already completed more than 700 jumps. However, during this jump turbulence hit him when he was 400 feet off the ground, blocking him from being able to reach the drop zone. As a result, he was now heading towards the airplane powerlines.

In an attempt to avoid everything he turned left which only resulted in him picking up more speed. He ended up hitting the ground at around 70 miles per hour and then bounced 67 feet before stopping close to a group of customers who were preparing for their first jump.

While the accident should have resulted in his death, Azeredo managed to survive. Dozens of surgeries later and after two months in a medically induced coma and 300 days in the hospital, Azerado is not only still alive but also walking. This story has been an inspirational example of recovery and the hard work of the medical team who managed to keep him alive after the fall.

Dr. Louis DiFazio, a trauma surgeon, revealed that while you always want to give people hope, people with his type of injuries do not usually survive and that it is rare for everything to go as right as it did for him.


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