Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Christmas Ruined

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a prominent Republican figure from Georgia, recently disclosed that her residence was subjected to a fraudulent emergency report, an act commonly known as “swatting.” This disturbing incident, which occurred on Christmas Day, is part of a series of similar occurrences that have been plaguing Rep. Greene.

Sharing her experience on the social media platform previously known as Twitter, Rep. Greene revealed that this was not an isolated event but rather the eighth time she has faced such a situation. The timing of the incident, coinciding with her Christmas family celebrations, added to the distress. Despite the unsettling nature of the event, Rep. Greene praised the prompt and efficient response of her local police department. She also mentioned that, in spite of the disruption, her family managed to maintain their festive spirit and continued celebrating Christmas.

The Rome Police Department in Georgia, responsible for the area where Rep. Greene’s house is located, corroborated her account. The department disclosed that they had received multiple calls from crisis hotlines in both Rome, New York, and Rome, Georgia. These calls urgently requested emergency services at an address which was later identified as belonging to Rep. Greene. The police, while responding to the scene, worked in close coordination with Greene’s security team. This collaboration was crucial in quickly establishing the safety of the congresswoman and confirming that there was no real emergency at her residence.

The issue of swatting at Rep. Greene’s home is not new. Such incidents have been occurring intermittently since the previous year. Notably, in August 2022, an anonymous caller falsely reported an active shooting situation at her home. The very next day, another call implied a potentially violent family incident at the same location. Further complicating the situation, one of the callers from these August incidents later communicated using a synthesized voice, expressing dissatisfaction with Greene’s political views, particularly concerning the rights of transgender youth. These repeated and baseless emergency calls have become a recurring and troubling aspect of Rep. Greene’s life, raising concerns about the misuse of emergency services and the safety of public figures.

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