Migrants Take Over Major City’s Land

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

(FixThisNation.com) – Illegal immigrants in Denver have refused to leave their encampments until the city meets their demands.

The migrants gave the city 13 demands that would need to be met before they agreed to Denver Human Services’ appeal that they leave the encampments and move to more permanent city-funded shelters.

The group sent their list of demands to Denver’s Mayor Mike Johnston, which included “fresh, culturally appropriate” food; showers that didn’t have time limits, and access to free immigration lawyers, according to reporting by Fox 31.

Speaking about the city’s request to have the migrants move to more permanent sheltering, a spokesman for Denver Human Services, Joe Ewig, said the city does “not want… families on the streets of Denver.”

However, the migrants, who currently reside at an encampment under a bridge and close to train tracks, said they wouldn’t move to shelters unless their needs were met.

The demand letter stated that the illegal immigrants would be “cook[ing] their own food” with city-provided “fresh, culturally appropriate ingredients,” that included flour, rice, oil, butter, tomatoes, onions, and chicken, instead of pre-made meals.

The group demanded that access to the shower should be “without time limits” and available 24/7, adding that visits from medical professionals should be regular, with “referrals… for specialty care… made as needed.”

The demands continued, with migrants requesting that they have “employment support,” that includes “work permit applications” for qualifying migrants, in addition to “Consultations” for every migrant or migrant family “with a free immigration lawyer.”

The demand letter concluded with a demand for privacy in the shelter once they had settled there, adding that they would not accept “verbal or physical or mental abuse” from the shelter’s staff and that there shouldn’t be a “sheriff sleeping inside [and] monitoring” the group 24/7, stating that they were “not criminals,” and wouldn’t “be treated as such.”

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