New Plan Brewing To “Topple” Donald Trump

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – George Conway, once a GOP attorney, has proposed a unique strategy for Democrats to prevent Donald Trump from reclaiming the presidency: engage in a “mental warfare” that would unsettle the leading Republican candidate.

At a conference organized by The New Republic, focused on thwarting the former president’s attempt at a second term, Conway, who has transitioned from lawyer to a fervent opponent of Trump, posited that provoking the occasionally impulsive ex-president could lead him astray from his strategic narrative and might even lead to a violation of his silence mandate in an ongoing New York fraud investigation.

Contrary to popular opinions, mostly from the political left, about depriving Trump of media attention, he advocated the opposite to the liberal publication. “Rather, you inundate him with it. Expose the erratic behavior for all to see.”

The outspoken critic of Trump, who is notably the ex-partner of Trump’s former counselor, Kellyanne Conway, has intensified his criticism since 2018, labeling Trump a “pathological criminal” and accusing his base of being “enchained by his fabrications.”

In his recent commentary, Conway laid out a tactic where Democrats would air commercials in regions where Trump is visiting, focusing on topics guaranteed to touch a sensitive spot with him.

“He’s aware of his own deficiencies — he’s neither as intelligent nor as wealthy or competent as he portrays,” the staunch Trump opponent is said to have declared. “Attacking him on those very points, the ones he internally acknowledges, will drive him to distraction.”

Conway specifically highlighted Trump’s legal predicaments as fertile ground for aggressive campaign content. This comes after Judge Arthur Engoron imposed a restriction on Trump, barring him from publicly discussing the court personnel linked to the fraud lawsuit initiated by New York’s Attorney General, Letitia James. The suit accuses him of inflating asset values to acquire loans and favorable business transactions, following his disparaging remarks about a lawyer on a digital platform.

Additionally, Trump has received caution regarding his public remarks from a magistrate in his federal case concerning alleged election meddling and has been forbidden by another in Manhattan from disclosing evidence online pertaining to an accusation of falsifying business documents during confidential payments to actress Stormy Daniels.

Trump maintains his innocence in all these instances, entering pleas of not guilty and refuting all allegations.

“An increase in public criticism will likely lead him to speak on matters he’s legally bound to avoid,” Conway conveyed to The New Republic. “Strategically placed criticism might even be sufficient to land him in confinement.”

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