New York Woman’s Street Sign Spark Massive Confusion

Photo by Nicolai Berntsen on Unsplash

( – A 29-year-old New York woman has gone viral online after she posted a video walking around the city with a sign that read “Looking for a husband.”

Karolina Geits, the young woman, revealed to Fox News Digital on Tuesday that originally the idea for the sign was a joke with her friends. As she said they had been talking with her friends about how long dating apps were taking and how they were not working. She then proceeded to joke that instead, she was going to go out holding a sign.

The following day, she used one of the cardboard boxes she had received in the mail to make the sign “Looking for a husband” and started to walk around the city holding it. Currently, the TikTok video of her walking around has received more than 10 million views and has garnered 1.2 million likes.

The TikTok video of her moment has over 10 million views and 1.2 million likes since it was posted on September 3.

The model and influencer said that it was funny seeing how everyone in the street was responding and that she had not expected the support that she received from people. As she revealed many people were sending their dating profiles for her to view, but she is still looking for “the best” candidate. Most TikTok users have praised her for the idea and have been supportive of her plan.

Previously Geits had taken the street to create similar videos with signs that read “Need money for Chanel” or “Need money for Cartier.”

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