NFL Team Owner Found Unresponsive In Home

Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

( – Jim Irsay, the Indianapolis Colts team owner was found unresponsive in his home on Dec. 8, following the Carmel police responding to a call at his home. The authorities had previously described the incident as a “suspected overdose.”

The responding officers had administered Narcan which Irsay had slightly responded to until the arrival of the paramedics. Following the incident, the paramedics made a lot of effort to save the billionaire.

Authorities have compiled a list of the medication that Irsay had taken, but it was not yet clear what exact drugs had been in his system before they arrived at the scene. The incident has been listed as an “overdose” and “overdose/poisoning.”

In a statement to Fox News Digital, the Colts have noted that Irsay is recovering from a respiratory illness and that they will not make any comments about the owner’s health. They further asked for the privacy of the family to be respected during this time.

Earlier this month, the team had stated that Irsay would be missing an appearance at an event in Los Angeles as a result of being treated for a “severe respiratory illness.” They added that he was receiving the best possible care and they were hopeful he would soon return to the stage.

In November Andrea Kremer completed an interview with Irsay for “Real Sports.” At the time, the 64-year-old had admitted that he had been to rehab over 15 times. He added that one time he had been detoxing himself and that he had ended up not breathing. As he said the doctors who revived him had called him lucky as they had almost signed the death certificate.

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