Officer Hospitalized After Contact With What?

Photo by Jonnica Hill on Unsplash

( – This week a Florida deputy who had been exposed to fentanyl during a traffic stop had to be hospitalized according to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

As the body camera footage from the incident revealed the officer started to feel dizzy and his heart started racing. After a time he was also unable to feel his legs after being exposed to the substance.

Deputy Nick Huzior stated that he started to feel lightheaded after the substance was found inside a suspect’s car on Thursday afternoon. Huzior was wearing gloves when he handled the white powdery substance that later tested positive for fentanyl.

Suspect George Clemons, 61, was pulled over after he was reportedly caught recklessly driving. During the traffic stop, he was found to have in his possession fentanyl, marijuana, and cocaine and was arrested for a DUI and leaving a crash scene.

Following the traffic stop, Huizor had informed Deputy First Class Kyle Gaddie, that he was not feeling well and that his heart was beating fast and he was feeling dizzy. Gaddie treated Huizor until emergency responders could arrive at the scene.

Following their arrival, he was given two doses of Narcan and transported to a local hospital where he was left to recover.

Sheriff Rick Staly pointed out that this incident is a clear example of all the dangers that law enforcement faces daily from the “poison on the streets.” He then praised the deputies for being well-trained and carrying Narcan which assisted in saving the life of Huzior.

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