Pence Reveals Biden’s Biggest Blunder

CBP Photography, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – Former Vice President Mike Pence has slammed the Biden administration for having destabilized the world that had been previously safe under former President Donald Trump. President Biden promised in the previous presidential elections to provide stability. Since taking office he has worked to eliminate many of Trump’s policies, which Pence claims proved to be “unwise.”

In an interview with Newsmax host Tom Basile which is set to air on Sunday, Pence argued that Biden had “canceled that military aid” and did not restart it until after the invasion of Ukraine. He added that this sent an “ambiguous message” about the U.S. not being willing to respond to small invasions, which was the wrong move, and Biden should have from the start been clear on the fact that the country would provide military aid to Ukraine as needed.

As he pointed out, this move also came after Biden’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan prior to the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Pence told Basile that he believes the withdrawal from Afghanistan “emboldened” others and led to the war in Eastern Europe. As he argued, the Trump administration was the only 21st-century administration in which Russia did not try in some way to change international lines by force. This was because there had been many military investments and they had canceled the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. Their administration had also managed to defeat ISIS and take down 100 Wagner forces troops in Syria. This showed how much strength the U.S. had and was a warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin that he should not attempt to leave his country’s border.

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