Plane Crash Lands Right In Front Of Vacationers

Photo by Camille Minouflet on Unsplash

( – In a new video captured by bystanders a small single-engine plane can be seen crash landing on a crowded beach in New Hampshire.

The video clearly shows the aircraft as it splashes into the waves at Hampton Beach on Saturday. The aircraft is then seen flipping over. Hampton Fire Rescue in their statement noted that the vehicle had come down around 30 yards offshore. They further said that the sole occupant of the plane had been rescued by lifeguards and that an ambulance at the scene had helped evaluate his condition.

Many organizations including the NH Department of Environmental Services, NH DOT Bureau of Aeronautics, NH State Police, the FAA, and the United States Coast Guard, were notified about the incident while on the scene assisting were also members of the NH State Police Marina Patrol and the Hampton Police.

It was not originally clear what had caused the plane to crash. However, in new images posted by the Hampton Fire Rescue, personnel could be seen dragging the place along the beach following its retrieval from the water.  Hampton Fire Rescue further argued that Deputy Fire Chief William Paine had remained on the scene until everything was cleared and the airplane could be returned by the FAA Investigators to its owner.

The pilot did not have any injuries as a result of the accident. According to reports it had originally departed from Hampton Airfield and had made a number of laps before the flight tracking stopped. After the tracking was no longer visible, the Hampton Fire Rescue received many emergencies phone calls about the crash.

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