Police Officer Gets Ambushed By Criminal

Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash

(FixThisNation.com) – A gunman in Minneapolis had “ambushed” and killed a police officer. On Thursday a police officer had fatally shot a suspect while a third victim was also found in an apartment dead. 

Law enforcement officers had responded following a report of a double shooting on Blaisdell Avenue in an apartment. Assistant Police Chief Katie Blackwell noted that the officers had arrived at the scene where gunfire was exchanged immediately. 

Police noted that the suspect had been shot and died at the scene. In the apartment, they found one man who was fatally shot, while a second man was “gravely injured.” The violence had also resulted in others being wounded, including a bystander who was left in critical condition. 

A second police officer and a city firefighter had both been shot during the exchange but neither of them suffered from life-threatening injuries. 

At a news conference, Mayor Jacob Frey noted that this was a “devastating day” for the city. 

The police officer who had lost his life, Jamal Mitchell, had been serving in the force for around a year and a half and was engaged to be married. Mitchell was also a father. 

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Drew Evans had claimed that Mitchell was “ambushed” as he had been attempting to offer medical assistance after arriving at the scene. Evans stated that the officer had been trying to help the person who ended up shooting him and that the entire exchange had happened very fast. 

Evans noted that there was a preliminary investigation and more information about the incident would be released in the coming days. 

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